How Does a Vitamin Help Your Vision?

How Does a Vitamin Help Your Vision?

Posted by EyePromise on Mar 23rd 2023

Getting the nutrition your body needs can feel like quite the challenge. That’s why many people turn to vitamins and supplements to fill any dietary gaps they may have. However, few people know that getting the right nutrients specifically for your eyes is even more difficult and that standard vitamins and supplements just don’t do your eyes justice. So, what’s the answer?

Get Yourself an Eye Vitamin!

That’s right – there are vitamins out there specifically for your eyes! Also important for other aspects of health like brain, skin, and sleep, the most important nutrients for eye health are two antioxidants called zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin) and lutein (loo-teen). Together, they form a protective layer deep in the eye that acts like internal sunglasses®, boosting your eyes’ ability to see and process information, but what exactly do they improve?

Visual Acuity

Visual acuity is what’s measured by an eye chart. It’s how sharp, crisp, and clear your vision is, helping you see details up close and at a distance. It’s what eye doctors use to determine whether you need corrective lenses and how severe they need to be. Zeaxanthin and lutein have been proven through clinical research to increase your visual acuity by up to 1.5 lines on an eye chart with consistent supplementation!

Contrast Sensitivity

Contrast sensitivity is the function that helps you see subtle details and differences in objects or your field of view. It plays a large role during low light situations, but it’s important for all around good vision. Contrast sensitivity helps you see a black cat crossing a dark street in time to hit the brakes or know that the object in the distance is just a bush blowing in the wind and not a creature lurking. Zeaxanthin and lutein can increase your contrast sensitivity, helping you see those subtle differences easier and be more confident in your vision.

Low Light Vision

While contrast sensitivity plays a role in dim lighting, your eyes actually have a visual function specifically for low light vision called scotopic vision. Low light vision is critical for maintaining independence as well as safety into the dimming evening hours. Zeaxanthin and lutein help improve scotopic vision, making it easier to see with insufficient lighting.

Light Sensitivity

If you’ve ever walked out of a building on a sunny day and squinted, winced, or both, you know what light sensitivity feels like. Believe it or not, this visual deficiency can be cause by low amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein, meaning your internal sunglasses aren’t as tinted at they need to be to protect your eyes from changing lighting. Supplementing with these antioxidants ensures that your eyes can handle whatever light (and life) throws at them!

Glare Recovery

Contrary to what you may think, light sensitivity and glare recovery are not the same thing. While light sensitivity is when your eyes have a difficult time seeing in bright light situations, glare recovery is when your eyes take longer to “see normally” after exposure to a bright light. Think a camera flash, LED headlights, or the sun reflecting off water or a building. If you’re deficient in zeaxanthin and lutein, it can take multiple seconds for your eyes to readjust.

A few seconds doesn’t sound like much, but a few seconds is all it takes to miss that the stoplight turned red or misjudge the edge of the stairs. Increasing your zeaxanthin and lutein intake can reduce your glare recovery time to just 1-2 seconds vs. 7-8 seconds.

So where can you find an eye vitamin that gives your eyes the zeaxanthin and lutein they need to strengthen and enhance your internal sunglasses?

EyePromise® Eye Vitamins

EyePromise is the #1 eye doctor-recommended eye vitamin brand available. Why? Because each and every formula is third-party tested and made with the highest quality, natural ingredients that are proven to make a positive impact on eye health. EyePromise is the only eye vitamin brand that delivers the amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein necessary to boost your ability to see and process information in the ratio that matches what’s found naturally in your eyes.

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Eye vitamins are a great solution for getting the nutrients needed to help your vision, but make sure you’re getting the right ingredients in the right amounts. Check out EyePromise’s eye vitamin lineup now!

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