The NBA 2023 Season Has Begun!

The NBA 2023 Season Has Begun!

Posted by EyePromise on Nov 1st 2023

Many sports fans are turning to indoors sports as temperatures continue to drop. With an average of 1.6 million fans tuning in each game, the National Basketball Association (NBA) league is one of the more popular winter choices. The 2023 season’s just begun, and EyePromise® had the opportunity to talk with several teams during their pre-season activities. Here’s how we can help NBA players Upgrade Their Eyes.

Glare Recovery

For basketball players, glare can have a huge impact on visual performance. The bright stadium lights can cause issues on their own, but they can also bounce off the shiny wooden floors, backboard, and any other slick surfaces. Additionally, many stadiums have large jumbotrons, which can also cause glare.

Finally, a lot of stadiums have spotlights in different colors and brightness. These can cause glare as well, and glare can cause an athlete to temporarily lose vision due to an influx of light entering the eye. Sometimes, it can take up to 10 seconds (average 3-5 seconds) for the eyes to “see normally” again after such bright light exposure. However, EyePromise can help these pro athletes (and regular people) reduce their glare recovery time.

Visual Range

Basketball is a game of constant movement, so knowing which players are where is critical to the success of the team. This ability to see objects at varying locations clearly without help is known as visual range. Basketball players need to have excellent visual range because they need to know where their own teammates are, as well as the opposing players to avoid them or intercept their plays.

In addition to knowing where all the players on the court are, basketball players need to be able to locate the ball and the hoop in an instant. Visual range can help them see everything they need to see to make the best play, and EyePromise can help improve visual range.

Visual Processing Speed and Reaction Time

Speed is another critical component for basketball, but physical speed isn’t the only speed that matters. Visual processing speed can play a massive role on the court and performance. Visual processing speed is the rate at which the eyes intake visual information and translate that information to the brain; then, the brain takes that information and determines what action to take. The faster the information gets to the brain, the faster a decision can be made.

EyePromise can help “grease” the wheels of communication between the eyes and brain. Speeding up visual processing can help increase reaction time by 10% and even improve decision making! This means that basketball players can block more shots, intercept more passes, and make the decision to shoot for three or pass the ball.

How EyePromise Works

EyePromise eye health performance supplements are made with two critical, natural antioxidants called zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin) and lutein (loo-teen). These nutrients work together to form a protective pigment deep in the eye known as macular pigment. This pigment acts as internal polarized sunglasses, helping the eyes see crisper, clearer details close up or at a distance. The more these antioxidants build up in the eyes, the stronger the visual performance. Zeaxanthin and lutein also build up in the brain, which is why EyePromise can improve cognitive functions like visual processing speed, reaction time, decision making, and focus.

Learn more about macular pigment and performance.

Catch all the NBA action on TNT, ESPN, and most local channels. If you’re looking to upgrade your eyes, learn more about EyePromise.

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