Blood Sugar Control and Its Impact On Eye Health

Blood Sugar Control and Its Impact On Eye Health

Posted by EyePromise on Nov 2nd 2023

If you feel like we do, then you’ve also blinked and it’s now November! November is a month full of hearty, wholesome food and family gatherings, but it’s also designated as an important observance. November is National [Blood Sugar Control Issues] Awareness Month, and while you’ve probably heard of it, you may be surprised to hear its impact on the eyes.

Blurred Vision

Blood sugar control issues mean that the body has a hard time regulating its glucose intake. Regardless of type or severity, these fluctuations in blood sugar can cause the lens of the eye to temporarily change shape. This reshaping can lead to blurred vision, driving some people directly to the eye doctor’s office. In fact, eye doctors are often the first to identify patients with blood sugar control issues, However, many eye doctors prefer to wait until the patient’s blood sugar levels are under control before prescribing any kind of corrective lens.

Visual Function Changes

Like blurred vision, uncontrolled blood sugar can cause other visual function changes. These changes typically take longer to notice and tend to be more permanent than the fluctuating blurriness of the lens. One of those changes is that colors start to look less vibrant, making everything look like a faded photograph. Another change is that peripheral vision becomes less sharp, making it more difficult to navigate daily life.

Finally, the other common visual function change is contrast sensitivity. This important function helps us see subtle details and distinguish objects and backgrounds of similar colors. Contrast sensitivity is diminished with blood sugar control issues, making it difficult to see whether a shirt is black or dark blue or if there’s a dark car parked on a poorly lit street.

Blood Vessel Health

Regardless of how mild or severe, blood sugar control issues are taking a toll on the eyes. The eyes are incredibly dense with tiny blood vessels that are very delicate, and blood sugar control issues can weaken and damage these fragile capillaries. Damage can include swelling, leaking, or even the blood vessels closing off completely. In severe cases, these damaged blood vessels can leak into the retina and cause vision loss; they can even cause more damaged vasculature to grow, causing more bleeding and more vision loss.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Blood Sugar Control Issues

These are the scary realities of blood sugar control issues, but there are ways you can protect your eyes at whatever stage you’re at. EyePromise® DVS is a daily eye health vitamin designed by experts in eye health and blood sugar control issues to help reduce the impact on blood vessels and support healthy, lasting vision without impacting blood sugar levels. Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, DVS has been proven effective through an FDA-approved clinical trial.

With powerful ingredients like dietary zeaxanthin, EyePromise DVS can help support healthy vision and enhance functions like color vision (improvement of 21%), peripheral vision (improvement of 12%), and contrast sensitivity (improvement of 19%). Its proprietary blend includes ingredients like Pycnogenol®, resveratrol, grapeseed extract, and turmeric root extract to help support healthy vasculature in the eyes and throughout the body. Additionally, DVS is the only clinically proven nutritional supplement for those struggling with blood vessel control issues.

Whether you’ve just found out that you are at risk for blood sugar control issues or you’re a veteran with this health concern, EyePromise DVS can help protect and enhance your vision and eye health without impacting blood sugar levels. Learn more about EyePromise DVS and start your eye health journey today!

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