How One Phrase Can Change a Patient’s Attitude

How One Phrase Can Change a Patient’s Attitude

Posted by EyePromise on Jan 18th 2024

Like other aspects of healthcare, optometry is a people-focused industry. Its success is solely driven by the satisfaction of the patients who come through the practice. However, it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy, so you and your staff will inevitably run into unhappy patients. There’s one phrase, though, that could change an angry patient’s attitude.

The Phrase That Pays

Detailed in a book called “Customer Satisfaction is Worthless: Customer Loyalty is Priceless,” it’s recommended to empathize with the patient in a more human way (that’s terrible!) vs. a corporate response (My apologies. Let me look into that for you). When you respond to their inconvenience in this manner, it helps patients feel like they’re being heard and understood. While the corporate response isn’t bad, the other response immediately tells the patient that you feel for their situation. On the other hand, the corporate response could come across as you or your staff member simply “checking the box.”

Train Your Staff

Your staff must understand this concept, but it may not come naturally to them. That’s why training your staff in the art of “that’s horrible” is so important. They may default to the corporate “sorry, let me check that for you,” and you need to help them get comfortable with empathy. Build this into your onboarding for new employees, add this to your weekly/monthly staff meetings, or plan a whole day dedicated to the patient experience. Whatever your plan, ensuring your team members understand the importance of this response is critical to its success and, ultimately, great patient experiences.

Partnering With EyePromise®

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However, EyePromise also has an expert Customer Support team that works as an extension of your practice. Available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm CST, your patients and staff can call, email, or chat with a live person to ask questions, share concerns, and find resolutions. They’re always there for you and your patients to help make sure you’re heard. Call them right now and see for yourself!

While having an unhappy patient is almost unavoidable, how you handle that kind of patient can make the difference between a disgruntled customer and an advocate. Try this new technique in your practice and see the difference it can make for you! Additionally, adding an EyePromise partnership furthers your expertise and enhances the patient experience.

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