EyePromise® Enters 3rd Year as the Official Eye Vitamin of the 2022 Boston Red Sox

EyePromise® Enters 3rd Year as the Official Eye Vitamin of the 2022 Boston Red Sox

Posted by EyePromise on Mar 30th 2022

#1 Doctor-Recommended and NSF Certified for Sport®, EyePromise® Performance Eye Vitamins Will Continue to Be Part of the Red Sox Supplement Routine

EyePromise, the ocular nutrition pioneer, provides a line of eye vitamins formulated specifically to meet the needs of high-performance athletes for improved visual performance, processing speed, reaction time and reduced glare sensitivity. For the third consecutive year, EyePromise will again look to partner with the Red Sox as the official eye vitamin of the team throughout the 2022 season.

EyePromise and Sports

As the #1 eye doctor-recommended brand of eye vitamins, EyePromise offers a line of visual performance supplements developed to help individuals, including athletes, improve their eye health and visual performance on and off the field. EyePromise Vizual Edge Pro™Vizual Edge™ Chewable, and Screen Shield™ Pro are NSF Certified for Sport®, meaning these eye vitamins are verified for ingredient purity, efficacy, and free of unsafe levels of contaminants and banned substances. MLB, PGA, NFL, NHL and CPSDA alongside other sports organizations are encouraged to only recommend Certified for Sport® supplements to their teams.

What the Red Sox Think

"We're excited to head into our 3rd season partnering with EyePromise as the official eye vitamin of the Boston Red Sox," said Red Sox Executive Vice President Troup Parkinson. "They are rooted in science, natural nutrition, and innovation, and their line of eye supplements have been well received by our players and team staff. We look forward to another successful season with them."

What the EyePromise Team Thinks

"The team at EyePromise is pleased to renew our partnership with the Boston Red Sox," said EyePromise President Andreas Wolf. "We get excited when athletes report back about enhanced vision, reduced glare, less eye discomfort, and even improvements in eye strain on screens and night driving. We look forward to continuing to support one of the world's most prestigious and celebrated sports teams with our proven line of eye vitamins."

Dr. Dennis Gierhart, co-founder of EyePromise, pioneered the use of dietary zeaxanthin for eye health with over 30 years of scientific nutrition research and clinical studies. Dr. Gierhart and the advisory board of leading optometrists formulated EyePromise's natural line of eye vitamins for a wide range of eye health needs. They help support lasting eye health in patients who blood glucose support, age-related eye health issues, or occasional dry eye, those concerned about screen time, and elite athletes and military personnel. Specific to visual performance, clinical research shows that Vizual Edge Pro™ helps improve visual processing speed by 20% and reaction time by 10%, helping players pick up the finer details of the game.

Zeaxanthin In Sports

More athletes, weekend warriors, and dietitians, including Allen Tran, MS RD, Executive Chef and Dietitian for the Boston Red Sox, are seeing the benefits that come from supplementing zeaxanthin and lutein into their diet.

Zeaxanthin, a highly potent antioxidant found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, is responsible for healthy central vision and overall eye health but is very scarce in the American diet. The average American consumes 1mg of zeaxanthin per day compared to the 20mg used in clinical research for optimal visual performance. EyePromise is the only line of eye vitamins that contain these high levels of high-quality dietary zeaxanthin.

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