The 2023 MLB Winter Meetings

The 2023 MLB Winter Meetings

Posted by EyePromise on Nov 29th 2023

When it comes to baseball, winter isn’t really thought of as a busy time of year. However, many teams are actively trading players, hiring coaches, and developing a game plan for next season. One of the biggest events during the offseason is the Baseball Winter Meetings.


The Winter Meetings are an annual industry event that functions much like a typical conference. Representatives from all 30 professional and minor league teams will congregate for four days each December. They’ll discuss any league updates, execute trades, and negotiate transactions. It’s viewed by many in the industry as the place to conduct offseason business. MLB author Anthony Castrovince called it “the event where the baseball world convenes and big deals get done.”

This Year’s Meetings

This year, all the agents, managers, coaches, players, reporters, etc. will travel to Nashville, TN, to gather at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. From December 4 through December 7, representatives from all major and minor league teams will be there. On top of team business, the Winter Meetings are also a great place to network and find potential jobs in the baseball industry. It’s a highly recommended event for anyone who does or seeks to work in baseball.

EyePromise® At the Winter Meetings

EyePromise has been involved in baseball for over a decade. It began when we attended the Winter Meetings in 2011 to share our innovative science and the proprietary formula that achieved these game changing results. The products became our Vizual Edge line, and these NSF Certified for Sport formulas became the first eye vitamins in the major leagues.

In 2015, the MLB implemented a new rule stating that teams must provide an eye vitamin option to their players. As the only NSF Certified for Sport products, the EyePromise Vizual Edge line was an easy choice. Since then, players on every team have added EyePromise to their daily supplement lineup, and we continue to add partners and expand our reach in baseball and beyond.

To help achieve this goal, EyePromise is excited to once again be attending the Winter Meetings this year. Our sports team, Matt Carroll and Chris DiSanto, will be in-person in Nashville to meet with attendees and share the new innovations EyePromise is bringing to baseball. Find them on the exhibit floor to learn more, and we hope to see you there!

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