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What Is Peripheral Vision?

What Is Peripheral Vision?

Posted by EyePromise on Nov 11th 2021

When it comes to vision, there are a few terms that we’re all somewhat familiar with. One of these visual function terms that is more well-known is peripheral vision. Unlike many of the other terms … read more
Here’s What to Know About Scotopic Vision

Here’s What to Know About Scotopic Vision

Posted by EyePromise on Oct 14th 2021

Our eyes are complex organs. It requires several different functionalities to make sure that what you see is clear and accurate and that information is quickly transmitted to your brain. However, … read more

Occasional Dry Eye Made Easy

Posted by EyePromise on Mar 13th 2014

Occasional dry eye is a complicated topic, but this infographic makes it clear by keeping it simple. Up to 40 million people experience ocasional dry eye. It's the top reason people visit eye … read more

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