Moms Discuss the Impacts of Screen Time on Child Eye Health

Moms Discuss the Impacts of Screen Time on Child Eye Health

Posted by EyePromise on May 30th 2019

"My son Alex kept telling me that his eyes hurt. It never occurred to me just how much screen time was causing issues until this past October." Audrey McClelland and other moms talk screen time, how it's affecting their kids, and why Screen Shield™ Teen is actually needed. Audrey's son, Alex, wears glasses, so when he started complaining about his eyes hurting, she figured he needed a new prescription. That wasn't the case.

"Our eye doctor said that there was some irritation going on, most definitely from eye strain. The culprit? His cellphone and the Xbox. Alex had been spending a prolonged amount of time on his screen(s), and it wasn’t good. When I reached out to some other moms in my area, they had said that they were worried about the same thing with their kids, too."

The fact is, the amount of time kids spend in front of screens isn't going to change. It's an unavoidable activity. That's not all bad.

Mom Stacie Connerty thought about her kids' screen time and didn't think it was that much. Then, she thought about the sequence of her kids' days.

"Their phones wake them up (screens). They use iPads at school (screens). They come home and do homework on laptops or iPads (screens). Then they might watch tv or play games against their cousins who live in different cities (screens)."

The truth is, screen time isn't all bad. Kids are learning incredible skills navigating this part of technology that will no doubt serve them later in life. However, their eyes can suffer for it. Mom Keri Lyn Renner relates.

"The one thing that I have worried about with my kids is screen time and how that affects their eye health. Even for those of us that try to keep screen time to a minimum, it’s something that we can’t avoid. My daughter is in front of screens in 4 out of 7 of her classes, and on top of that, she has at least 3 hours of screen time homework and reading to do each week. 4 hours if she does the extra credit."

Is EyePromise® Screen Shield Teen Worth It?

Keri Lyn knows as her kids get older, the time they spend in front of screens is only going to increase - so eye health needs to be a priority.

"The best part is that these chewable vitamins are affordable and one more thing that I can do to help protect my kids from the crazy amount of screen time that they are getting just at school alone. I love that it’s as easy as a one-a-day vitamin that they don’t mind taking it because it has a yummy fruit-punch flavor (I tasted it myself!), and it’s such a simple way to boost that extra protection that their young eyes need!"

Screen Shield Teen’s key ingredient, zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin), is a potent antioxidant that acts as a powerful barrier between our source of vision in the back of the eye and harmful oxidants that can damage our long-term vision. With 5 mg of all-natural zeaxanthin and 2.5 mg of lutein, this leading eye health vitamin is guaranteed to help increase the eyes’ protective barrier that defends our source of vision while also protecting it from the effects of increased screen time (sore eyes, headaches, etc.). Relief from eye strain typically occurs a month into taking EyePromise Screen Shield Teen.

Will They Like the Taste?

Mom Jenny Ingram knows how picky her kids can be about food, so she had her kids taste test Screen Shield Teen.

"I did some market testing… and by market testing I mean I have been giving these vitamins to all THREE of my teens. At first offer, all of them were all, 'Uh. No. What if they’re gross...' We may or may not have tried some pretty awful chewable vitamins over the course of their childhoods. But PROPS to EyePromise! The teenagers all tried it, and I quote, 'Oh wow! These are good!' PHEW."

Ready to try Screen Shield Teen for yourself and for your kiddos?

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