What Is Vascular Health?

The vascular system is extremely important for eye and overall health. Vascular health is a delicate system, there are several health issues that can impact how it functions throughout the body. Some areas that can be affected include:

  • The heart
  • The brain
  • The eyes
  • The blood vessels
Nutrition and Vascular Health
Nutrition plays a heavy role in vascular health, especially in the eyes. With the right nutritional support, patients can strengthen the delicate blood vessels in their eyes. As you know, when the ocular blood vessels are weak, they can impact vision health.

Eating a diet low in sugars and refined carbohydrates while increasing the amounts of brightly colored fruits and vegetables and leafy greens is an excellent start, but how often do patients make and stick with this lifestyle change? Additionally, getting all the nutrients patients’ eyes need can be difficult through diet alone.
Improving Patients’ Vascular Health
You can make a difference in your patients’ eye and overall vascular health by giving them the nutritional support their eyes need now. It all starts with a proactive, science-based approach.
The Solution:
Using clinical research, EyePromise developed an eye health nutraceutical designed to support vision and vascular health. EyePromise DVS is designed for patients who need support for their vascular system. This formula includes high-quality, natural ingredients and a patented proprietary blend demonstrated to support eye and vascular health.


We know what you’re thinking. “Where’s the proof?” We thought you'd never ask!
  • DiVFuSS (Chous, Richer, Kowluru, Gerson, et. al. – British Journal of Ophthalmology, 2015)
    Read the study

Why Does DVS Stand Out?
This critical antioxidant is chosen by the retina to protect central vision. Additionally, zeaxanthin is accumulated in the fovea (center of the retina) 2 times more than lutein. While the eye itself chooses to include more zeaxanthin in its own protection, most eye vitamins choose to match the ratio found in the diet, which is 5 to 1 lutein to zeaxanthin. EyePromise recognizes the importance and scarcity of zeaxanthin and, therefore, chooses to include 4x more than other products.
While zeaxanthin is extremely important, lutein is no scrub. This antioxidant plays an important role in protecting vision from dangerous blue light, and it's been found to help support many other parts of the body.

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