EyePromise® Elevates the Standard of Aging Eyecare

EyePromise® Elevates the Standard of Aging Eyecare

Posted by EyePromise on May 2nd 2024

#1 Eye Doctor Recommended Eye Vitamin Brand Reveals the Latest Updates to Its Aging Eyecare Nutraceutical Line Incorporating Proactive and Proven Nutrition

EyePromise, the industry-leading eye health nutraceutical company, has announced the latest updates to its comprehensive nutritional program for eyecare practices. With an eye towards innovation and improvement, EyePromise has elevated its AREDS 2-based products. EyePromise President Andreas Wolf explained,

“It’s an exciting year of growth for EyePromise, and we’re taking that idea very seriously. To elevate our practice partners, we need to elevate what we do. After careful consideration, we chose to make enhancements to our AREDS 2-based supplements to meet our standard of aging eyecare. Therefore, our clinically supported formulas will now be known as Macular Health and Macular Health Complete."

EyePromise Macular Health

EyePromise Macular Health delivers ingredients based on the AREDS 2 trial and more. Macular Health includes additional clinically supported ingredients like extra dietary zeaxanthin, Omega-3s, and Vitamin D, but it does not include zinc, as it can be harmful to certain patient types. Additionally, this product doesn’t include a multivitamin, so those taking it can continue using theirs if they please.

EyePromise Macular Health Complete

EyePromise Macular Health Complete includes ingredients based on the AREDS 2 trial and additional formula enhancements to better support eye and overall health. These modifications include ingredients like extra dietary zeaxanthin, Omega-3s, and Vitamin D, reducing zinc to 25mg, and adding a daily multivitamin, leaving no nutritional stone unturned.

Proactive Care

To complete the “new standard” of aging eyecare, EyePromise Restore is crafted with preemptive care in mind. EyePromise’s Chief Science and Medical Officer Pinakin Davey, OD, PhD, FAAO, FARVO, shares more details.

“Restore has ingredients like B Vitamins, Omega-3s, Vitamin D, CoQ10, and the optimal protective ratio of dietary zeaxanthin to lutein to help mitigate risk factors associated with developing age-related eye health issues. These clinically validated ingredients make EyePromise Restore the perfect first line of defense for those who have risk factors for age-related eye health issues like family history or low macular pigment density.”

With the changes, EyePromise provides clinically proven nutraceuticals designed to elevate the standard of aging eyecare. From early and proactive intervention to protecting the fellow eye, EyePromise’s aging eyecare line takes patient care to the next level.

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