Dominion Energy Charity Classic 2023

Dominion Energy Charity Classic 2023

Posted by EyePromise on Oct 18th 2023

The fall season can mean many different things to many different people, but to the golfers on the PGA Champions Tour, it means the playoffs are here! The playoffs, also known as the Charles Schwab Cup, start this weekend with the Dominion Energy Charity Classic. Here are the details for this important tournament.

What Is the Dominion Energy Charity Classic?

As the first tournament of the PGA TOUR Champions playoffs, the Dominion Energy Charity Classic (DECC) is an electric event that started in 2016. Hosted at The Country Club of Virginia, this year’s tournament will be played on the James River Course. The top 72 golfers on the Champions Tour compete in this 54-hole challenge, there are no cuts, and the purse is $2 million.

Here is a schedule of the 2023 tournament events.

EyePromise’s Interest In the DECC

Other than the spirit of competition, EyePromise® is excited for this year’s DECC for several reasons. One of those is that EyePromise ambassador Padraig Harrington is competing and is currently tied for third in the race for the Charles Schwab Cup. Another EyePromise ambassador, Colin Montgomerie, is also competing – another driver for EyePromise’s interest in this tournament’s outcome!

Additionally, EyePromise was able to speak with several of the golfers competing in the DECC while they were in town for the Ascension Charity Classic. We were able to test their macular pigment on our new Zx Pro macular pigment optical density (MPOD) device right on the tee!

What Is Macular Pigment?

Macular pigment is a protective layer deep in the retina that acts like polarized internal sunglasses®, increasing the eyes’ ability to see fine detail and subtle differences, like the contours of the greens. It also helps reduce the impact of bright light and glare on visual performance, so those golden hour shots over the water feature aren’t as troublesome.

After taking the self-guided Zx Pro exam and getting their MPOD scores, several golfers wanted to do more. We explained that EyePromise eye health performance supplements are the only products guaranteed to increase MPOD in 6 months or their money back. We also told them that EyePromise is NSF Certified for Sport, ensuring that what they see on the box is exactly what they get in every dose. Finally, we explained that golf legends like Colin Montgomerie and Padraig Harrington both trust EyePromise to Upgrade Their Eyes.

You can catch all the DECC action on FOX Sports starting October 19th. However, you can start Upgrading Your Eyes today with EyePromise eye health performance supplements. Learn more about the impact of nutrition on visual performance.

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