3 Ways of Using Sports Endorsements In Practice

3 Ways of Using Sports Endorsements In Practice

Mar 10th 2022

You may partner with a brand who works with and is utilized by professional athletes (*cough* EyePromise *cough*). This can be a great resource for you as an eye care practitioner. How you ask? Here are 3 ways you can utilize a professional sports endorsement in your practice.

In-Practice Signage

Usually, the first thing people’s minds jump to when it comes to endorsements is in-practice signage. This can come in many forms, including posters, foam boards, pamphlets, and videos. These pieces are great for waiting and exam rooms to help advertise the product, garnering interest and encouraging patients to ask questions.

Patient Conversations

Athlete endorsements are also great to bring up during patient conversations. They can help make several connections for patients, including

Credibility of the Product

Pro athletes can get their hands on just about any performance product, but they choose this one because it’s proven to help. Additionally, they are on a much stricter ingredient list than the general public, so you know the product’s ingredients are high quality and pure. It also helps solidify why they should get this specific product vs. one they can get at any retail store.

Importance of the Product

Professional athletes won’t take just anything. They choose to add something to their strict regimen because it has an impact on their game and/or they need the nutrition. This type of endorsement can help patients understand the importance of a product you’re recommending. For example, few patients know what zeaxanthin and lutein are without going through the education process. However, most know what the professional sports leagues are, so it can help make the connection easier for patients.

Benefits of the Product

Sometimes, the benefits of products can be difficult to explain to patients, especially when the changes are so minute. As mentioned, pro athletes won’t just take anything off a shelf. They’re looking for something that will have an impact on their performance. With their buy-in, it can help patients understand that the product you’re recommending will have an impact on their vision.

The message becomes “If multimillion-dollar athletes are using EyePromise to get a fair advantage, you can expect these same advantages.” However, the advantages will likely apply differently. While a golfer would look for better contrast to improve their green-reading ability and putting stats, a patient may be interested in having better contrast sensitivity so they can identify a deer about to cross the road quicker and easier.

Social Posts

Professional athlete endorsements are also great for social media content. Between their pictures and testimonials, there’s no shortage of great content! You can even share the athlete’s posts on your page to help boost your social following, but it’s best to check with the company who partners with the athlete to make sure it’s okay for you to share it.

EyePromise® In Professional Sports

EyePromise has been involved in professional athletics for over a decade. From Olympic to collegiate games, athletes have been taking EyePromise to give themselves a competitive edge. With the recent partnerships in professional baseball and golf, EyePromise benefits can be more relatable than ever. If you’re interested in learning more about the connection between nutrition and athletic performance, have an EyePromise Regional Account Manager contact you!

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