The Loop Features EyePromise® Ambassador Colin Montgomerie

The Loop Features EyePromise® Ambassador Colin Montgomerie

Posted by EyePromise on Oct 5th 2022

You may have heard of Golf Digest, but have you heard of The Loop? It’s Golf Digest’s podcast that’s “the modern handbook to sports, entertainment, and everything else.” Its hosts Christopher Powers, Alex Myers, and Steve Hennessey, and along with special guests, cover what’s happening in the world of golf, potential winners of upcoming tournaments, and other topics that filter in throughout episodes.

This 4.7-star rated podcast had the opportunity to interview one of golf’s greatest legends and EyePromise Ambassador Colin Montgomerie. They talked through a wide variety of topics, from the 1999 Ryder Cup, LIV Golf, and even EyePromise!

Listen to the full episode here (but skip to 30:20 for the good stuff!).

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