The Fall of Eye Comfort

The Fall of Eye Comfort

Posted by EyePromise on Oct 6th 2022

For many, fall or autumn is their favorite season. This time of year brings about colorful changing leaves, a crisp morning, and the start of the holiday season: Halloween! While these perks are great fun, the fall can also bring about discomfort on the surface of the eyes. Here are some of the ways fall can impact the comfort of your eyes.

Eye Dryness

As the weather shifts from summer heat to chilly fall days, the air can become more and more dry. This dryness can be felt from dry skin, chapped lips, and yes, even dry eyes! On top of already dry air, our furnaces and heaters will be kicked on during colder weather, essentially burning up any moisture left in the air. These types of environments can lead to your eyes feeling particularly dry this season.


So, you thought allergies were a spring season issue, right? While you’re correct, autumn brings about its own allergens. Ragweed grows almost everywhere and blooms in the later months of the year. Some common eye-related symptoms of fall allergies include:

  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Excessive watering

Contact Lens Discomfort

Many people find difficulty in keeping their eyes comfortable with contact lenses even in the most perfect of environments. Add dry air, furnaces, and seasonal allergies, and you’ve got a recipe for contact lens discomfort. Additionally, Halloween is a common time for people to try out fashion contact lenses to match their costume aesthetic. This leads to more people being at risk for potential discomfort.

*Disclaimer* Please purchase ALL contact lenses from an eye care professional! It’s very easy to cause serious damage with a poor-quality lens. A costume is not worth your vision!

Fall Into Relief With EyePromise® EZ Tears™

To enjoy the fall to its fullest, you need to make sure your eyes are comfortable. That’s where we come in. EyePromise has developed a daily eye vitamin that can set up your eyes for success during these days of limitless agitations. The EyePromise EZ Tears formula was crafted by eye health experts to support your eyes’ natural ability to produce plenty of good, high-quality tears.

Why tears, you ask? Our eyes’ tears do more for us than just signaling to others that we’re emotional. Your tears help keep your eyes lubricated, which helps keep them from feeling dry whatever the condition (like dry air!). Tears also act as a barrier, protecting the actual surface of your eye from things like dust, pollen, and yes, contact lenses! If your eyes aren’t producing the right tears, these irritants can become worse.

That’s why EyePromise EZ Tears targets your tear production and stabilization. The best part? It’s just a vitamin! It’s not a medication. It’s not eye drops every 2-4 hours. It’s two softgels packed with good nutrients for your eyes and body taken once a day with a meal. While it’s important to stay consistent with this daily eye vitamin, many feel relief from their symptoms in as little as one week!

Autumn is coming whether we’re ready for it or not. Prepare your eyes for the season with EyePromise EZ Tears.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.