Spring Training 2024

Spring Training 2024

Posted by EyePromise on Feb 21st 2024

Football is over until the fall; hockey is nearing the end of its season; but baseball is almost BACK! Spring training is just around the corner, and players and coaches alike are gearing up to take on the preseason. But what exactly is spring training, and what’s it for?

What Is Spring Training?

Spring training is the term used to describe Major League Baseball’s (MLB) preseason that includes a series of practices and exhibition games. Spring training typically begins in February and ends just before opening day, which usually falls in the last week of March or the first week of April. This year, it starts on Thursday, February 22, and teams from the east will travel to Florida, while western teams will travel to Arizona.


Spring training is almost as old as the game of baseball itself. The first instance of a baseball team traveling to a different location to practice before the season started was in 1869. Boss Tweed of the New York Mutuals sent his team to New Orleans, LA. After that, the idea became more popular, with teams traveling back to New Orleans and other southern cities like Hot Springs, AK. The Washington Nationals were the first team to go to Florida for spring training, and other teams followed, making it one of the official spots for the preseason event.

Why Do Teams Participate In Spring Training?

Spring training is a time of preparation. Players and coaches alike shake off the rust of the offseason and get to try new things before the start of the season. Coaches can try new lineups, new pitches, new plays, etc. and finalize their rosters prior to the season. Players can break in new uniforms and equipment, try new positions, and get playing time to help sharpen up the fundamentals and shake the nerves of playing in the big leagues. While all stats are recorded for players’ and coaches’ consideration, they’re not included in “official” stats for the MLB.

How EyePromise® Helps During Spring Training

Speaking of fundamentals, visual performance is one of the fundamentals of baseball that is often overlooked. Things like contrast sensitivity, light and glare sensitivity, and visual processing speed are all critical to the success of a baseball player. EyePromise’s visual performance line can help improve these functions, giving athletes an edge over the competition. In fact, several teams have already started using EyePromise this offseason. We look forward to their seasons!

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Spring training starts TOMORROW, and we can’t wait to see how this MLB season unfolds!

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