Is All Screen Time Created Equal?

Is All Screen Time Created Equal?

Posted by EyePromise on Jul 14th 2022

As summer heats up, parents may be wondering what to do about screen time as a whole. School is out for the summer, but for many parents, screen time is still an activity their kids frequent. While moderation is key, not all screen time is necessarily bad, and it doesn’t need to be deemed “educational” to be good. Common Sense Media shared its tips to help parents identify screen-related activities that can help pass those long summer hours, and they all start with “c.”


Kids need connection, both in person and on screen. They should be able to relate on a personal level with what they watch/play/read/engage with.

Critical Thinking

While question-and-answer games can appear educational, they work more for short-term memory vs. longer-lasting education. To help kids with their critical thinking skills, consider content that goes in-depth with certain topics or games that require strategy or thinking through dilemmas.


Any kind of media that helps kids explore their creativity is a plus. However, it’s important to understand exactly what freedoms they have. For example, a choose-your-own-adventure book allows kids to explore different scenarios safely, while a video game like Grand Theft Auto allows similar freedoms but with far less positive content.


It’s important to help kids understand where digital media falls into their daily lives. As mentioned before, moderation is key, but screen time is often affixed throughout our routines. Sitting with children while they watch/play/read/engage can help you understand what they’re getting out of this particular activity. And don’t be afraid to ask! Finally, if kids like to build things in Minecraft, take that activity offline and build something with Legos or blocks IRL (in real life). This helps to ground them and reengage with the real world while also minimizing their screen time.

Suggested Content

Below are some examples of content for kids in different categories:

  • TV
    • Old Enough
    • Baymax!
    • Eureka!
    • Mira, Royal Detective: The Mystery of the Royal Flight
  • Movies
    • How to Train Your Dragon
    • The Incredibles
    • Mary Poppins
    • Science Fair
  • Books
    • Ann of Green Gables
    • Goodnight Moon
    • New Kid
    • Sofia Valdez, Future Prez
  • Games
    • Dragon Quest Builders 2
    • Just Dance
    • Stonefly
    • Mario Kart

Protecting Their Eyes from Screen Time

While the content playing on their screens may not be bad, it’s still important to protect their young, developing eyes from all that blue light exposure. Some may turn to blue light glasses, but you can’t be sure that kids will wear them every time they’re looking at a screen. Additionally, the sun also gives off blue light, and those protective lenses certainly aren’t following kids outside. That’s why EyePromise® created Screen Shield™ Teen.

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen

EyePromise, the #1 eye doctor-recommended vitamin brand, worked with eye health experts to develop an eye vitamin formula to help protect kids’ eyes from the effects of screen time. Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, Screen Shield Teen delivers the amounts of dietary zeaxanthin and lutein that boost their eyes’ natural blue light protection without sugar, gluten, or GMOs. This one-a-day fruit punch-flavored chewable tablet is safe to take with a daily multi-vitamin, and though it takes time to build up, it protects your child’s eyes 24/7.

Learn more about how screen time can affect the eyes.

Although school is out for the summer, screen time is still the chosen activities for many children. If they’re going to be using it anyway, you may as well make sure they’re getting something out of it other than entertainment. Following these 4 “Cs” can help you on the way, and giving your child EyePromise Screen Shield Teen can help you make sure their eyes are healthy and happy. Start their eye vitamin regimen today!

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