Screen Time Protection for All Ages

Screen Time Protection for All Ages

Posted by amess on Aug 27th 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, screen time has increased exponentially in many households, and with some children going back to school virtually, screen time seems nearly unavoidable.  With an increase in device use comes an increase in concern about what this screen time means for our health and wellbeing, particularly for our eyes. The EyePromise® Screen Shield™ line offers 2 products designed to support the eyes during screen time through essential nutrition.

EyePromise Screen Shield Pro

EyePromise Screen Shield Pro is an innovative eye vitamin specifically formulated for people ages 18 and up to help support the eyes during screen time. This one-a-day softgel delivers high-quality ingredients that have been shown to help improve visual performance and reaction time. Great for casual device users or hardcore screen fiends like web developers, designers, or gamers, Screen Shield Pro is NSF Certified for Sport and compatible with a multi-vitamin.


Screen Shield Pro focuses on meeting the eyes’ natural ratio of zeaxanthin to lutein, offering 14 mg of zeaxanthin to 7 mg of natural lutein. These important antioxidants help build the eye’s natural protection against the harmful blue light emitted by the sun and digital screens, which is largely blamed for the discomfort experienced after long hours spent on screens like tired, strained eyes. Other ingredients like bilberry extract, Omega-3s, and Vitamin D help support eye health from the inside out and provide the best foundation for comfortable screen time.


EyePromise Screen Shield Teen

EyePromise Screen Shield Teen was developed by ODs and MDs as a formula to support young eyes through extended screen time. This one-a-day fruit punch-flavored tablet is a simplified version of Screen Shield Pro geared for children ages 4-17. This award-winning vitamin is NSF Contents Tested and Certified and compatible with a daily multi-vitamin.


Like Screen Shield Pro, Screen Shield Teen is made with zeaxanthin (5 mg) and lutein (2.5 mg) in amounts to match the eye’s natural ratio of these antioxidants. Additional ingredients include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc. Screen Shield Teen is GMO, gluten, and sugar free and is made with the highest quality, natural ingredients that parents can feel comfortable giving to their children.


  • Helps support young eyes during digital device use
  • Builds the eyes’ natural blue light protection
  • May help relieve several symptoms associated with extensive screen use, including:
    • Eyestrain
    • Tired eyes
    • Headaches
  • Delivers high quality, natural ingredients that are good for eye and overall health in a tasty, one-a-day tablet

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