What to Expect With EyePromise® Performance Vitamins

What to Expect With EyePromise® Performance Vitamins

Posted by EyePromise on Jan 19th 2021

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that automatically improves your visual performance after taking it once. When taking vitamins, it takes time for the nutrients to accumulate before seeing results.However, if you’re willing to make that commitment, here’s an estimated timeline of what improvements you can look for when taking EyePromise® Vizual Edge™ Chewable, Vizual Edge Pro™, or Screen Shield™ Pro and when you might see them.

Month 1

After a month of taking EyePromise performance vitamins, your natural blue light protection has already begun to increase. Why does this matter? It’s important is because blue light, a high-energy light that is emitted by the sun, LED lights, and digital screens, can cause oxidation which damages the delicate retina. The same process happens to metal when it rusts. If your eyes continue to “rust” without extra support (i.e., nutrition), that’s when the damage accumulates, and vision is threatened.

After one month, the high levels of dietary zeaxanthin and lutein found in our performance vitamins have likely found their way to your eyes. Once there, they help rebuild your eyes’ natural defenses against this dangerous light and keep your eyes from “rusting,” regardless of how much blue light you’re exposed to.

So, while there’s not an immediate visual change, your eyes couldn’t be happier.

Month 2

After 8 weeks, all those eye-healthy nutrients are really starting to build up in your body, and they’re starting to make a difference in your vision. You may notice that fine details are sharper and easier to see. Additionally, if you’re taking Vizual Edge Pro or Screen Shield Pro (both have Omega-3s), you might notice that your eyes are less affected by environmental factors like wind or looking at a screen, so they don’t feel as dry or irritated.

Month 3

Month 3 is where the real magic happens, and your eyes are LOVING IT. You’ll likely notice that your overall quality of vision is improving. This includes details becoming sharper, bright light becoming less bothersome, and glare becoming a non-issue. Here are some examples of what that might look like:

  • You find yourself more comfortable driving at night, even in rainy or hazy conditions.
  • Bright sunlight or stadium lights don’t interfere with your ability to make the play as much anymore.
  • Your eyes don’t feel as tired or strained as they used to after hours of grinding behind a screen.
  • You’re able to follow your drive down the fairway much easier.

Month 4

Did you know that those eye-healthy nutrients in our performance vitamins, specifically zeaxanthin and lutein, are found in the brain, too? That’s right, and after 4 months of supplementation, they’ve likely found their way to your brain and are making an impact. This means that your visual processing speeds are increasing and, believe it or not, so is your reaction time.

Crazy, right? WRONG! It’s science!

EyePromise supplementation can increase your reaction time by 10%. Here's what that looks like.
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In a 2014 clinical study, researchers found that after 4 months of supplementing with EyePromise Zeaxanthin and Vizual Edge Pro, participants increased their reaction time by 10%. That might not sound like much, but a 10% increase in reaction time can mean the difference between a foul ball and a home run, a kill shot and a miss, or a goal and an almost goal. Additionally, increases in visual processing speed mean that you can assess a situation/play/move/etc. quicker and make a decision with a higher chance of it being the “right” one.

Pretty cool, right? We like to think so.


To keep seeing these benefits, you need to keep taking these vitamins. If you stop supplementing, your eyes will actually revert to their original, non-ninja state, which is a huge bummer. So, for continued improvement and healthy, lasting vision, we recommend you continue to use these vitamins daily.

One way to help you to remember to continue to take them is by signing up for the EyePromise Auto Refill Program (ARP). This is our automatic delivery program designed to remove the hassle of manual monthly ordering and reduce the chances of a lapse in supplementation. Additionally, you’ll receive a discount on each product shipped and free shipping with every order. Here’s how it works:

  1. You enroll in ARP with whichever EyePromise vitamin you’d like to take and select how often you’d like shipments (3- or 6-month supplies).
  2. We ship your first order within 5-7 business days to the destination of your choice.
  3. After that, you’ll receive an email notification every time your next order is about to ship.
  4. You can then choose to pause or postpone the shipment if need be.

These automatic shipments help create a habit with your supplementation, and ultimately, they help you get to where you want to be with your eyes.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.