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DREAM Study May Be Misleading

Posted by EyePromise on May 1st 2018

It’s no question that Omega-3s have many health benefits. They’re good for heart, joint, and muscle health, but a recent study has put their benefits for eye health into question. Published on April … read more

The Missing Link in Contact Lens Comfort

Posted by EyePromise on Oct 18th 2017

According to the CDC, 30+ million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses. They’ve become such a popular choice, glasses are almost a burden. But what happens when these lenses cause discomfort, and … read more

How Supplementation Can Help Patients Enjoy Summer

Posted by EyePromise on Jun 30th 2017

June is Fireworks Eye Safety Month, and with 4th of July just a few days away, stressing safety to patients is imperative. Fireworks have been linked to more than 9,000 injuries a year, so reminding … read more

Occasional Dry Eye Made Easy

Posted by EyePromise on Mar 13th 2014

Occasional dry eye is a complicated topic, but this infographic makes it clear by keeping it simple. Up to 40 million people experience ocasional dry eye. It's the top reason people visit eye … read more

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