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EyePromise provides vitamins, technology, and support to enhance and protect vision for life.

Who We Are

Who We Are

EyePromise provides eye health nutraceuticals, technology, and support for eye care professionals.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Innovate and market premium, efficacious, science-based vitamins, technology and support to preserve and enhance eye health globally.

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Our Values

We value science, quality, results, transparency, and most importantly, your dedication to eye health.

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Solutions For Doctors

Whatever your patients need, we’ve got them covered. Learn more about our eye health nutraceutical solutions.

Supporting Doctors Everywhere

Through years of research, we discovered the impact key nutrients have on all aspects of sight. We saw the need for a nutrition solution and we created one. EyePromise is an entire line of eye health and visual performance products, each with a focus on specific conditions and outcomes.

Become a part of the EyePromise network to join doctors across the country helping their patients see better and react faster.

Formula for Your Practice Success
Our focus is to help people live life to its potential by providing science-based nutritional support to preserve and enhance eye health while making a positive impact on our world. We strive to be the most doctor-supportive nutrition company in the eye care space. We operate as a partner to your practice to help ensure program success for both patients and practice. We work closely with our Scientific Advisory Board to facilitate ongoing clinical research into our products and emerging ingredients. 
  • Ensuring patient and financial value for the practice and doctor.

  • Dedicated “team” approach to train, coach, and provide ongoing assistance to doctors, groups, and staff.

  • Conduct practice observation sessions to continually develop and refine best practices with data.

Like our nutraceuticals, our partner process undergoes constant review to ensure your practice receives the best support to help you and your patients.

Trusted By Fellow Doctors and Professional Athletes Everywhere
Louise Sclafani, OD, FAAO
Eye Care Professional, Chicago, IL
Graham Erickson, OD, FAAO, FCOVD
Professor, Pacific University Oregon
Pádraig Harrington
Professional Golfer

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**Endorsements may be in exchange for product and/or compensation. 

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