Zeaxanthin Side Effects - Are There Any?

Zeaxanthin Side Effects - Are There Any?

Posted by abrandt on Sep 1st 2020

When you search for a vitamin, checking for side effects is always a smart choice. Does zeaxanthin have any side effects?

Luckily for those taking a zeaxanthin-based eye vitamin, there are no known toxic side effects of taking too much zeaxanthin. People with healthier vision may not need to take higher amounts of this nutrient vs. people with poor eye health.

Higher Doses

For example, people who do not incorporate fruits and vegetables containing zeaxanthin into their daily diet may need to take eye vitamins with more quantity of this nutrient to improve their vision. Older adults, smokers, and, in some cases, post-menopausal women would benefit from higher levels of zeaxanthin. Those with age-related eye health issues will want to take higher doses of this nutrient, as well.

Lower Doses

As previously stated, there are no known toxic effects of taking too much zeaxanthin, but there can be signs that you may want to lower your dose.

People who follow a healthy lifestyle, eat large amounts of zeaxanthin-filled fruits and vegetables, and take an eye vitamin can sometimes develop a harmless yellowing of the skin called carotenemia. This can sometimes be confused with jaundice - don't worry, it's not. This condition fades as you cut back on a few veggies or take a lower dose of your eye vitamin.

Everyone's Different

All antioxidants work at different levels in our bodies; we each absorb zeaxanthin differently. Some can have a harder time getting their bodies to utilize zeaxanthin correctly and get this nutrient to the eye tissues where it's needed. That's where eye doctors come into play.

Always see your eye doctor to get a good idea of where your eye health stands. An eye doctor will be able to tell you how much zeaxanthin you'll need to both protect and improve your eye health.

If you heard of nutrient called lutein, you might know that it helps support vision naturally. Therefore, lutein is often paired with zeaxanthin in eye vitamins as they make a powerful combination for better eye health. Learn more about that here!

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