Why It's So Difficult Driving At Night

Why It's So Difficult Driving At Night

Posted by aarons on Dec 11th 2017

Driving at night can make anyone uncomfortable, especially driving in an unfamiliar place. But it's a fact that 40% of drivers age 40 and up are uncomfortable driving at night. Here's why...    

The top three reasons you may find it frightening to drive at night:

  1. Glare - Glare from oncoming headlights and street signs make it harder to see the road and causes the eyes to take longer to adjust. Often, there is a period of time before the eyes recover where people are left "driving blind". A five-second recovery time at 60 miles per hour is driving the length of 450 ft. or 1.5 football fields.
  2. Low light - Driving in areas with low light makes it tougher for your eyes to distinguish contrast and gauge distance. For example, driving in low light areas makes it more difficult to identify a pedestrian or pothole on the road ahead.
  3. Reaction time - Fatal choices can be made by not acting quickly while driving. For many, driving at night can decrease a driver’s reaction time and create difficulty in making safe decisions. In fact, a typical driver makes 20 decisions per mile, with less than half a second to act to avoid a collision, and this only gets more difficult at night according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

However, there is a solution. Science shows that incorporating a zeaxanthin and lutein vitamin into one’s diet can improve contrast sensitivity while driving at night, reduce glare, improve recovery time, and improve reaction time.

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