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Welcome to the future of in-practice macular pigment optical density (MPOD) measurement! The NEW Zx Pro™ is a portable, handheld device that directly measures zeaxanthin and lutein levels in the macula. Using cutting-edge technology and a clinically proven testing technique, the Zx Pro provides an innovative in-practice experience and offers both clinical and business value. MPOD is an established biomarker for several health concerns, both ocular and beyond.

Features of the

Innovative Zx Pro

Simple Examination 

This fast, non-invasive, self-administered exam uses a simple interface for easy completion.

Light-Weight Design

The Zx Pro uses a light-weight plastic shell to make handling the device easy and hassle-free.

Built-In Audio Tutorial

An internal guidance system gives patients a voiceover step-by-step tutorial for completing the exam.

Convenient Action Button

The trigger-like action button helps patients know exactly what to click and adds to the intuitive interface.

Easy to Grip

An ergonomic hand grip, increases patient comfort and understanding of how to use the device.

Direct Measurement.

Direct Results.

Using the tried-and-true measurement method called heterochromatic flicker photometry (HFP), the Zx Pro directly measures the macula with an easy, fast, non-invasive exam. By measuring the macular pigment directly, the Zx Pro provides a direct line-of-sight to the amount of zeaxanthin and lutein making it to each patient’s eyes. The self-administered exam is accompanied by a voice tutorial to talk patients through the test, so there’s no need for office staff to get tied up in the exam lane.

Once complete, the Zx Pro gives you (and your patients) a numerical MPOD score, making it easy to determine where a patient stands in terms of eye and overall health risks as well as visual performance challenges. Scores can mean:

Here are some helpful videos to give you a better feel for what it's like to use the Zx Pro MPOD measurement device.


Unboxing Your Zx Pro


Navigating the Menu On Your Zx Pro


Measuring MPOD On Your Zx Pro

The game-changing Zx Pro makes MPOD measurment faster and easier than ever! However, the Zx Pro is just one piece of the patient care puzzle.

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