Internal Sunglasses

Internal Sunglasses: Nature’s Protection
Zeaxanthin and lutein accumulate in the back of the eye to form what is known as your macular pigment.  Many eye-care professionals compare the macular pigment to your own set of “Polarized Internal Sunglasses”.

Chances are good that unless you’re in the eye care field, or have a friend or family member who has central vision issues, you may not even know you have macular pigment, much less why it’s important.

Your macular pigment is located in the back of your eye (in the retina) and is pigment comprising of two carotenoids – Zeaxanthin and Lutein. Macular pigment, aka your “internal sunglasses” plays an important role in protecting the cones and rods that reside behind the macular pigment, which are responsible for your central vision.* Thick, dense macular pigment, which can be achieved by incorporating Zeaxanthin and Lutein in the diet, is like having “internal sunglasses” to enhance vision quality and also block harmful blue light that can damage your eyes over time.*

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