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Back-to-School Blues: Screen Time

Back-to-School Blues: Screen Time

Posted by EyePromise on Sep 7th 2023

School is back in session, and many are looking towards future assignments, social plans, and all the fun that comes with getting back into the classroom. However, one thing that your eyes are … read more
Blue Light Protection: What Are Your Options?

Blue Light Protection: What Are Your Options?

Posted by amess on Mar 25th 2021

With the increase in screen time, blue light has become somewhat of a buzz word. However, screens aren’t the only source of blue light. In fact, the sun gives off 10x more blue light than … read more

Offer Patients Nutritional Blue Light Protection

Posted by EyePromise on Mar 24th 2016

From the sunshine you enjoy on a beautiful day, to the digital devices we’ve come to depend upon - there's no escaping blue light exposure.The Impact of Blue LightBlue light might not affect your … read more

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