Visual Performance

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Zeaxanthin and lutein are macular pigments in the retina that function like “internal sunglasses” to protect the photoreceptors and provide visual performance benefits. Zeaxanthin is scarce in the average U.S. daily diet, leaving a significant dietary gap for most people. EyePromise nutraceuticals contain the highest available levels of dietary zeaxanthin, helping bridge that gap and supporting ocular health.

Improved visual performance can provide the following benefits:
  • Enhanced visual acuity
  • Reduced glare recovery time
  • Diminished light sensitivity and visual discomfort
  • Increased visual processing speed
  • Dr. Stuart Richer, an expert in ocular nutrition, published the Zeaxanthin and Visual Function (ZVF) Trial, and follow-up paper, “Macular Re-pigmentation Enhances Driving Vision in Elderly Adult Males with Macular Degeneration,” which state a daily a dose of 8 mgs of Zeaxanthin improved vision in the areas of:
  • Driving vision – improved glare recovery, light sensitivity, and driving confidence
  • Fine detail – improvement of an additional 8.5 letters on an eye chart after 12 months of supplementation
  • Foveal shape discrimination – discern differences at various distances more easily
  • Scotoma resolution – elimination of blind spots
  • Download the Science Summary for a complete overview of the ZVF trial as well as additional published studies on nutrition, macular pigment, and the impact on eye health.
    The benefits of supplementing with zeaxanthin go beyond just the eye.  Zeaxanthin is one of the primary carotenoids found in the brain, and has implications on neural efficiency. Supplementation with high levels of zeaxanthin has been proven to speed up visual processing speed by 12%, and reaction time by 10% in a laboratory setting over a period of only four months.

    EyePromise Vizual Edge PRO is designed to increase visual processing speed and improve reaction time.  See your best. Perform your best.
    Reduced glare recovery time means faster recovery from “temporary blindness” caused by high-intensity lighting, such as automobiles. Many drivers report glare reduction and improved photo stress recovery times as contributing factors to improved night driving ability.

    Glare Recovery Time Example

    Imagine driving at 60 mph with your eyes closed for five seconds. You would travel 440 feet, which is equal to 1 ½ football fields, during that five second period.

    Now, imagine being “blinded” by an oncoming car with bright lights. One study (Stringham and Hammond 2007) demonstrated that recovery time from glare could be reduced as much as five seconds by increasing macular pigment via supplementation with zeaxanthin and lutein.
    Contrast sensitivity is the ability to discern objects from their background, such as seeing a white baseball against a light blue sky, a person standing in the shadows, or cars or traffic lights at night. Contrast sensitivity diminishes with age, but science supports that healthy macular pigment can greatly improve contrast sensitivity.

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