What Are People Saying About EyePromise?

Posted by amess on Aug 8th 2019

It’s always nice to hear what other people think about products and services before you buy them. Whether you ask friends and family, go to an online forum, or simply read online reviews, most people get feedback before making a purchase of almost any kind. As an eye care professional, real-life experiences and testimonials become an even bigger influencer when it comes to adding products and services to your practice. While hearing what other practitioners say is helpful, what really matters for nutraceuticals is the impact they have on patients. Below are real EyePromise end-user testimonials covering EyePromise ® as a whole, including macular health, occasional dry eye, blood vessel integrity, and screen time/visual performance products.

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Overall EyePromise

The EyePromise vitamins seem to be helping my eyes. Highly recommended by my eye doctor, so I take them faithfully.

I just received my first shipment of EyePromise supplements. I want to let you know that I really appreciate the eye-healthy recipe card that was included!

At 92 years of age, I feel fortunate that EyePromise is available to help maintain my vision quality.

I cannot begin to say how wonderful ordering from EyePromise is!!! Their deliveries are always in a timely manner, beyond my expectations, and the people who you speak with on the phone are always courteous and helpful. I will always order from here! I give the highest rating possible.

The eye doctor has told me he sees no change in my eyes over the last couple of years since taking EyePromise. Before that, he could see a decline happening at a fairly regular rate.

EyePromise is a great product. It is rich in the nutrients that I need.

I have had amazing results since taking EyePromise. I have taken them for the last year. On my last eye exam, my eyes had improved dramatically. I wear contacts, and I was wearing a 2.00. I am now wearing 1.50.

Great product at a good price. Appreciate the quick delivery time as well. Will continue to reorder.

I use [EyePromise] every day. My doctor ordered it, and it has improved my eye health. You are a good company to work with. I will do business again. EyePromise has made a memorable impact on many people's vision.

Excellent customer service. Excellent product – provides noticeable results.

My eyes are so much better. Thank you.

EyePromise products are the best you can buy.

Recommended by my eye doctor. [EyePromise] has made a huge difference in my vision.

EyePromise does its job of enhancing and protecting the health of my eyes. My optometrist is very satisfied with my eye health. It is also very convenient to be able to order via the internet vs. having to drive to another town to get it.

Very pleased with [EyePromise] as is our eye doctor!!! My husband & I both use EyePromise.

I have been on EyePromise for two years. I just had my yearly eye exam, and my eyes have improved. My doctor was very impressed because this is very unusual for someone 75 years old.


Macular Health (Restore, Macular Health Complete, Macular Health)

I’ve been taking your supplement since 2015 and go to the eye doctor every 6 months. My doctor told me my eyes are great, no progression of [age-related eye health issues]!

I’ve been taking this supplement for over ten years now. My eye doctor recommended it for me since [age-related eye health issues] run in my family; my brother had [issues]. As of my last eye exam, my eyes are doing great…I'm 64 and wear glasses for distance, but I still don't need reading glasses. Right before I started my regimen, my vision had deteriorated where objects weren't crisp and clear and colors were drab. My [macular] pigment count was way low, about a third of what it should be. It took about nine months to get it where it needed to be, but I can see the difference. My eye doctor advises me I could discontinue taking the supplement, but for what it costs, why stop. It’s cheap insurance that my eyes are getting the nutrients they need. I'm a lifelong customer.

Thank you for replying to my e-mail and thanks to your company for such a good product. I've had [age-related eye health issues since] 2003 but still have not had real significant vision loss I think because of taking [EyePromise] daily along with thanking God for eyesight.

I love Restore. I recently went to the doctor and had no change my prescription in 8 years. I will continue to take your product forever.

Fabulous product! After much research, I purchased EyePromise Restore after having problems following [eye] surgery. There were clouds in my eyes that weren't present before surgery, plus signs of [age-related eye health issues]…I started using it twice a day and noticed an immediate difference. The cloudy distortions disappeared. I was elated...I will continue my supplement dosage and see if my vision continues to improve. I am hopeful since I used another lutein product for over a year before discovering Restore. Thank you.

This is the first supplement that has ever actually improved an issue for me, and I'm totally sold on it. I highly recommend it for anyone who may be a candidate for [age-related eye health issues].

I am so excited about these vitamins that I'm telling everyone about them. I've been on them for over a year now. I've gone down four lines on the eye charts. I can see so much better – I just can't believe it. My mother and grandmother both had horrible [age-related eye health issues]. I'm determined to beat it if at all possible. My eye doctor just did a picture of my macula, and it looks GREAT! AND my sister, who is ten years older than myself, had just been told she has [age-related eye health issues]. They wanted to give her shots in her eyes, but she wanted to give the vitamins a try. There is a money-back guarantee, so what did she have to lose? She started them as I told her to do, and it actually reversed the damage!!!!! Great stuff.

I have [age-related eye health issues], and my eye doctor specifically told me to use [EyePromise] vitamins because of the quality of the extraction process when manufactured. My six-month check-up showed no improvement; however, [my eye health hasn't gotten worse]. At my one-year check-up, there was enough improvement in my [eye health] to be happy over, so I give the product five stars.

This product really works. I was tested for [age-related eye health issues] and had a low score. This product has raised my scores to nearly normal. Very grateful!

his product appears to be working based on annual eye exams that illustrate the health of my eyes over the time I’ve taken the vitamins. EyePromise's macular health products have helped many people improve their eye health and prolong their vision.

just got new RX for glasses when my doctor introduced me to this product. I have been taking for 6 months. I accidentally misplaced my new glasses, which were not helping my vision. I thought I needed to go back for new RX, but I placed on my old RX glasses and found I could see better. I think the supplement did give me some improvement. I will continue taking this. Thank you for letting me share this story.

Initially started taking this product through my eye doctor for eye health. After taking it a while there seemed to be some improvement in vision, and I moved back to older glasses. I am satisfied with the product.

EyePromise was recommended to me by my eye doctor. I have been using it for a few years, and my [age-related eye health issue] test results have improved with each annual visit to the doctor. I would highly recommend this vitamin.

My eye doctor recommended this, and he said he takes it daily. It has helped so much I have not had to have a prescription change in 3 years.

I noticed an improvement in my vision after taking these vitamins for just 30 days. I take two a day, and my color perception has greatly improved, which has affected my overall vision quality. I've been taking these vitamins for four years now, and I swear by them.

I like this product. It contains ingredients that my eye doctor recommended for me to take. I found that I only have to buy one product instead of several when using EyePromise.

NO complaints…I had my annual eye exam this week, and my doctor said my eyes are in great shape. He's very conservative in his approach, which I greatly appreciate. He recommended EyePromise Restore specifically, so I started using it. The price is comparable to OTC products, but my doctor feels the ingredients in EyePromise are better suited for me. I can order by mail and have my new supply within a day or two. Also, the capsules go down easily.

My [age-related eye health issues] were expected to slowly and continuously progress, but after taking these a couple of years, it is stable and not progressing, as we'd hoped. Well worth the cost.

My optometrist recommended [EyePromise] because it contained the most potent and appropriate ingredients to help keep me from getting [age-related eye health issues]. I checked out a number of other different brands and products, but none of them contained ALL of the ingredients that [Macular Health] did. Since I have the very beginnings of [age-related eye health issues], I want to take the best product possible to make sure it doesn't get worse. It hasn't to date!

This product really helped my mom who had [age-related eye health issues]!

Of all the eye vitamins available, my eye doctor recommended [EyePromise] for the beginning of [age-related eye health issues]. After taking for several months, my eyes have not worsened. Will continue using!


Occasional Dry Eye (EZ Tears™)

Our doctor recommended EyePromise EZ Tears. We have suggested it to many of our friends only because it works! The eye relief is a real comfort. If you don't think it works - try NOT taking it and you will feel a noticeable difference for sure.

This really works! My [occasional] dry eye was gone within 2 weeks.

I love my EyePromise EZ Tears! I have tried everything, not wanting to go to a “prescription” eye drop. I decided to give this a try first. Amazing. I could feel a difference after a couple of days. The constant tearing of my eyes has basically stopped. I have a smooth, slick, comfortable feeling to my eyes I will not go without this! Try it, I am sure you will be just as pleased.

Because of its Omega-3s and vitamin content, EyePromise EZ Tears is a great product. This doctor-advised and user-recommended product helped with dry, painful eyes and light sensitivity. Thank you for making such a wonderful supplement.

I absolutely believe in the EZ Tears product. My husband and I both use it and the benefits are excellent. We have told many friends, and they have also purchased and feel the same way.

My left eye waters – folks thought I was crying, but I wasn’t. Since I have taken EZ Tears, it has helped so much, no more tears.

I LOVE, LOVE my EyePromise EZ Tears! I have been using them for many years because I have extremely [occasional] dry eyes, and I can definitely see a difference. This is a great product, and I highly recommend it!

I am amazed! Two months ago I had bilateral cataract surgery followed by a lot of burning, itching and dry eyes. I saw a pamphlet for EyePromise products as I was checking out at the doctor's office and picked it up. I ordered one bottle in hopes of getting relief. Within three weeks I have gotten almost complete relief. I am down an eye drop each eye upon awaking and no burning, itching, or dry eyes during the day. I have already ordered more EyePromise EZ Tears.

I've been using these [EZ Tears] for several months to help with my [occasional] dry eye. My eye health has definitely improved since starting my [EZ Tears] regimen, and I love that they have little to no fishy after taste.

Recently, I visited my eye doctor for my annual checkup. I told her that my eyes stayed red, itchy, and burned like sand was in them. They watered a lot too. She said, "Before I put you on a prescription for [occasional] dry eyes, why don't you try EyePromise EZ Tears?" She also recommended a certain brand of eye drops as well as rubbing my eyelids to stimulate the glands in them. So, I did what she recommended, and my eyes cleared up in about two weeks. I am still taking the vitamins twice a day and using the eye drops as needed. If you have this issue, I recommend you try the EyePromise EZ Tears. You'll be glad you did!!

EyePromise EZ Tears was recommended for me by my ophthalmologist. It worked better for me than the flaxseed oil, worked better for me than the combination of large dose flaxseed oil plus fish oil that I had been taking. The capsules are smaller and do not taste bad like the fish oil did.

I have had significant problems with [occasional] dry eye for over a year. I don't like taking prescription medications, and eye drops only provided temporary assistance. With EZ Tears, I am once again a good friend with my contact lenses (one-month lenses). I cannot manage without them, for comfort and eye health, they are well worth the price.

Been an [occasional] dry eye sufferer for 2 years--to the point I've stopped wearing contacts because they became so uncomfortable. Started taking these two months ago and just noticed that my eyes aren't dry. I wouldn't say they're moist and it's unlikely I'll be moving back to contacts anytime soon, but the help has been noticeable enough for me to have forgotten I had an issue in the first place. Great stuff!

I admit to being a skeptic, but between the increasing dryness in my eyes compromising my ability to wear my contacts comfortably, and the positive reviews, I decided to give EZ Tears a try. I am pleased to say that true to the other reviews, after about 6 weeks, I realized that I was no longer experiencing the discomfort that I had been. The pills are large but do not leave any 'fishy' taste or aftertaste, and for their size are surprisingly easy to swallow.

I love these vitamins! I'm a contact lens wearer, and my [occasional] dry eye was preventing me from wearing my contacts for over a year. I started these vitamins and could tell a difference in my natural tears within a couple of days. After taking them over a month now, I can wear my contacts comfortably all day without using any rewetting drops. These vitamins are a lifesaver!

This product is amazing. A couple of years ago, my eyes would water, especially when I got up in the morning and were a little scratchy and blurry during the day. I went to my eye doctor, and he said I had [occasional] dry eye. I could hardly believe him. He asked me to try EZ Tears, saying he had several clients who got relief in a few days. I agreed to give them a try. After 2 days my eyes were so much better, and within another 2 days, they were as good as new!!! One time, I ran out and hadn't gotten back to the eye doctor to purchase more, and I thought, "Let's just see if my eyes start up the same issues.” Well, within a few days, runny eyes and blurry scratchy eyes started back up. I quickly went back to the doctor and bought some more, and within a couple of days all was better again. I won't ever be without EyePromise again!!!

I have had problems with [occasional] dry eye for about 10 years. My eye doctor recommended EZ Tears. Six weeks later, the itching, burning, and tears stopped, even when I was in windy conditions. I also had an improvement in my vision. I am very pleased with EZ Tears and wished I had known about this product earlier.

[EZ Tears] saves my eyes so much. I have so much eye pain and used eye drops at least once an hour before I took this. I even had to stop using contacts from the pain. Now, I only use eye drops before I put my contacts in and after I remove them, and I can wear my contacts for 18 hours.

I was skeptical, but one per day for 2 months, and [EZ Tears] proved me wrong. So, I've ordered a 3rd bottle and will continue using these as they did restore some of the lubrication to my eyes which helps the [occasional] dry eye issue.

Ever since I have started [EyePromise EZ Tears], it was life-changing, and I share my experience with everyone that has [occasional] dry eye. I wish everyone knew about this product.

After 30 days of taking [EZ Tears], my eyes felt much relief. No longer dry!! I highly recommend this supplement!

Totally AMAZNG!! [EZ Tears] has helped my [occasional] dry eye so much more than just regular fish oil ever did!!

This really helped me with [occasional] dry eyes. When nothing worked…[EZ Tears] did!


Blood Vessel Health (DVS)

I love EyePromise DVS. I am a [patient with irregular blood glucose] with a lot of retinal issues, and I’m blind in one eye. Before DVS, I was given multiple shots in my eyes. My doctor started me on DVS, and I have been happy ever since. I see clearer in my good eye, and I will continue to take DVS the rest of my life.

[EyePromise DVS is] great for help with visual function and blood vessel health.

[EyePromise DVS] works great. I have before and after pictures of the blood vessels in my eyes. The improvement is dramatic.


Screen Time/Performance (Screen Shield™ Pro, Screen Shield Teen, Zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin + Lutein, Vizual Edge™ Chewable, Vizual Edge Pro™)

My headaches have reduced significantly. Haven’t got one since I started using [EyePromise Screen Shield Pro].

Having used EyePromise] for about a year, I am very pleased so far.

I have a very low MPOD score, so I was taking the standard EyePromise pills, but I have difficulty swallowing pills. I checked with my optometrist, and he said that [Vizual Edge Chewable] would be [a great alternative]. I can't attest to their potency or how well they work yet, but they taste great!

My vision seems to be clearer and night driving is better because the glare of oncoming headlights doesn't give me headaches anymore.

Taking [EyePromise] to keep my eyes in top condition--I'm only 70, and I've got a lot of seeing left to do!

My eye doctor highly recommended [EyePromise], so I am trying it. I also researched it, and this product should really help my eyes not get any worse than they are. Great price also.

[EyePromise] was highly recommended by my ophthalmologist to help improve my body's ability to combat possible [age-related eye health issues].

I’m very pleased with [EyePromise]. Because I’m blue-eyed and in my late 60’s, I’m concerned about my macular density, and this product should help keep me healthy.

[EyePromise] was recommended by my eye doctor. I have both parents with [age-related eye health issues], and even though I do not have any eye problems now, my doctor suggested it would not hurt to start taking this supplement now instead of waiting till my eyesight gets bad.

[EyePromise] seems to be helping my right eye with blurry vision focus better, but I don't think I have taken it long enough to get the full benefits - it is very easy to swallow.

[EyePromise] works great. See a difference in my vision within one month of using it.

My eyes are showing great improvement-my eye doctor says there is a measurable improvement since my last exam.

I chose [EyePromise] over similar supplements because it has 10mg Zeaxanthin and 10mg Lutein; this is twice the amount as compared to similar products. Plus, and equally important for me, it does not contain dyes. It is colored with paprika. When I first researched eye vitamins, it was the only product on the market that had this coupling of specifications. My husband takes it also. We've been using EyePromise for a year now. The quality, dosage, and notable lack of artificial coloring make it worth the cost. Of course, our eye health is the most important consideration. As a preventative measure, I want to be sure to get optimum amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein on a daily basis.

M doctor tried for years to get me to take these. I finally relented because my macular pigments were low. I have not had a follow-up exam yet but noticed that within a month, my night driving sensitivity had improved tremendously. Before, I could barely handle oncoming headlights.

My eyes always felt irritated, and I saw black little floating dots that formed within my pupils along with lately discovering blurry vision when reading. Now, I am overcoming blurry vision using EyePromise. So far, I must say that out of all the products I have used and spent a lot of money on, this product seems to be working best. I spent a lot of money looking for the right product that would improve my vision. After a few orders of EyePromise, I am starting to see some improvement. I think I found the product that works for me best.

[EyePromise] is the best eye care available over the counter! My night vision is much improved, and my focus and reaction time are better.

I like the combination of ingredients in [EyePromise]. They seem well balanced to deliver optimum benefit.

I have seriously improved my eye health over several years of double doses of Zeaxanthin and Lutein made by EyePromise. Trust me, they are the best!

I have been using EyePromise vitamins for over 5 years. It does help with my [occasional] dry eye. My optometrist recommended them to me. When I realized they had the Visual Edge Pro with three different vitamins you take twice a day, I tried that and noticed an improvement.


EyePromise is proud of the positive impact our nutraceuticals have made in people's lives. As we continue our mission of improving lives through healthy vision, we need eye care professionals like you to help spread the importance of nutrition.

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