EyePromise Has Partnered with Vitamin Angels

Posted by amess on Mar 12th 2020

Good nutrition is the foundation of a good life. By eating well, our bodies get the nutritional support they need to keep performing at their best. However, some people don’t have access to nutritional support. In fact, malnutrition is the #1 cause of preventable childhood death worldwide. EyePromise is passionate about nutrition for eye and overall health, and that’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Vitamin Angels.

Who Is Vitamin Angels?

Vitamin Angels is an organization that brings life-saving nutrition to mothers and children under 5 at risk of malnutrition. The charity distributes life-changing vitamins to at-risk pregnant women and children under five. This year alone, they are reaching 70 million children and moms in 74 countries, including the US (all 50 states)! Within those countries, they deliver prenatal vitamins, promotion of breastfeeding, vitamin A, and deworming.

Why Vitamin Angels?

Nutrition heavily impacts eye health. For example, children lacking Vitamin A have decreased vision and can even go blind. We’re working with Vitamin Angels to join the fight malnutrition and all its terrible side effects and bring life-changing nutrition where it’s needed most. As our involvement grows with this amazing organization, we need your help to truly deliver on this nutritional promise.

You can donate online at, as well as in participating retail stores. A simple, 25-cent donation brings a child a year’s worth of Vitamin A, improving his/her sight and overall health which, in turn, improves his/her life. A $5 donation delivers life-saving prenatal vitamins to a mother and child in need. A $25 gift reaches 100 children with life-changing Vitamin A for an entire year!

How to Get Involved

Join the fight against malnutrition by donating now and give a mother and child the critical nutritional support they so desperately need.

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