4 Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil

Posted by EyePromise on Jun 21st 2017

Originally used as a food source by Native Americans and early settlers in the U.S, Evening Primrose Oil is now used as a vitamin because of its amazing health benefits. 

  1. Supports Eye Health: Because Evening Primrose Oil largely consists of Omega-3 fatty acid, the oil can help reduce irritation and dryness of the eye and help lubricate it. Omega-3 also supports heart and skin health.
  2. Helps with Acne: Evening Primrose Oil can help balance hormonal changes that cause breakouts. This means that topical creams won't help acne if the root cause is because of hormone fluctuations. Evening Primrose Oil, when ingested in pill form, can help correct these hormonal changes and thus help acne.
  3. Supports Hair Health: Often, hair loss is because of hormone changes. Because of the different Omega's found in Evening Primrose Oil, the oil can help fight against hair loss. Rubbing Evening Primrose Oil into your hair or adding it to shampoo is found to help growth.
  4. Fights Osteoporosis: Hormonal imbalances can cause Osteoporosis. Again, because of the Omega's found in Evening Primrose Oil, these hormones can be regulated.

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