What You Should Know About Post-LASIK Care

What You Should Know About Post-LASIK Care

Posted by EyePromise on Jan 12th 2023

A few weeks ago, we posted an article explaining how to prepare for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery and all of the pre-procedure steps to take. Now, we’re going to discuss what you can expect post-surgery according to Medical News Today.

Immediately After LASIK Surgery

Right after the surgeon completes the procedure, it’s common to experience symptoms like burning, itching, and sensitivity. You may also experience excessive watering, blurry or hazy vision, or feeling like there’s something in your eye. These are all normal symptoms of post-LASIK surgery. Most of these symptoms will alleviate with time, but EyePromise EZ Tears can help set your eyes up for success.

EZ Tears is a daily eye vitamin that delivers powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients like Omega-3s, green tea extract, and turmeric root extract to help support the surface of your eyes and reduce the symptoms associated with LASIK surgery. To get the most of EyePromise EZ Tears, you should start taking it at least one month prior to receiving LASIK.

24-48 Hours After LASIK Surgery

Within the first two days post-LASIK, you’ll likely have a follow-up visit with the doctor. This appointment is to check your visual acuity and ensure it’s improved, as well as assess the status of the eyes (inflammation, infection, etc.). During this visit, your doctor may suggest using certain eye drops to help keep infection at bay. Additionally, continued EyePromise EZ Tears supplementation can help soothe any inflammation you may experience due to the LASIK procedure.

1-3 Weeks After LASIK Surgery

In the next one to three weeks post-LASIK surgery, you may notice some blurred or minor changes in vision. You may also experience visual glares or halos surrounding lights. Eye dryness is also a common symptom to experience after LASIK, which EyePromise EZ Tears can also help with. This daily eye vitamin is clinically proven to relieve symptoms of occasional dry eye, which includes dryness, irritation, itchiness, grittiness, and burning sensation. When it comes to finding relief with EZ Tears, consistency is key!

6 Months After LASIK Surgery

It’s typical to have several follow-up appointments in the 6 months post-LASIK. Typically, your vision will stabilize and clear up by this time, and your doctor will check:

  • If your vision has improved
  • How your eyes are healing
  • What, if any, side effects are you experiencing

Side effects will usually subside in the first few months after LASIK, but you’ll have a better chance of this happening by taking EyePromise EZ Tears consistently. Depending on recovery progression, your doctor may decide to continue follow-ups after the 6-month mark.

Long-Term Expectations After LASIK Surgery

If visual challenges continue beyond the first 6 months after a LASIK procedure, you may need to undergo an enhancement, a LASIK-like procedure to fine-tune your eyesight. Occasional dry eye is a common side effect to persist after LASIK, so continuing to take EyePromise EZ Tears will help your eyes’ surface find their new comfortable.

There are many factors to consider before going under the “laser” for LASIK surgery, both pre- and post-procedure. Taking EyePromise EZ Tears can set you and your eyes up for success throughout the process. Interested in starting your EZ Tears regimen to prepare for LASIK? Sign up for automatic shipments today!