Answering Your EyePromise Questions

Answering Your EyePromise Questions

Posted by amess on Sep 4th 2020

EyePromise offers a wide variety of vitamins formulated to support eye health. However, we understand that you might have some questions about our products. We're hear to answer a few commonly searched questions about ourselves.

Where Can I Find EyePromise?

EyePromise can be found on our website at or through our partnership with eye doctors across the U.S. Many optometry offices carry our products, and if you call our customer support team at 1-800-833-2800, we can help you find one near you.  These two avenues help us meet our ultimate goal: help people live life to its fullest potential by supporting long-term eye health.

Is EyePromise a Prescription?

No, EyePromise vitamins are not prescriptions. They contain no medications, and you don’t need to see your eye doctor to get them. Though they are not prescriptions, it’s strongly recommended to treat these vitamins as they were a daily prescription. Taking them every day with a meal will help your eyes continue getting the nutrients they need to see their best and will keep the benefits your seeing from dwindling. In short, EyePromise vitamins are not prescriptions, but you can get them through an eye doctor and we strongly recommend diligently taking them every day so you can continue to benefit from their nutritional support. Here are 10 tips to help you remember to take your vitamins.

What Is the Best Eye Vitamin for Me?

Because everybody is different, not everyone’s eyes need the same kind of nutritional support. EyePromise offers many different vitamins catering to a range of eye health concerns, including age-related eye health, occasional dry eye, eye health related to diabetes, and screen time. We even offer vegetarian- and vegan-friendly vitamins! Take our product selector quiz to find out which vitamin is right for you. Do you have questions you'd like answered? Message us on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or reach out to our expert Customer Support team between 8 am and 5 pm CST: